Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Clothing shopping w/ 3 three year olds

So I had the kids with me running errands and I had a Old Navy Cash to spend that was going to be expired soon.  I decided to brave Old Navy in search of a certain shirt I was wanting with the kiddos.  I planned it so we would be at the store right when it opened.  Thinking the less people the better!

Well after touring the store and the kids telling me everything they liked and thought that I should get and that they should get I find my top...but I wanted to try it on.  So I grab the top and we head into the changing room.  Thankfully no one is in there yet.  So I put this blue sleeveless top on and Presley says "It's not perfect mom" so I ask "What's wrong with it"  She says "It's too big!"  Yea...she was right.  It was too big.  So I take it off and Ashton then yells "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" at me  OMG embarrassing!  Ok maybe I should stop changing in front of my kids.

So we head back out to get a smaller shirt and then the want me to try on this dress.  For grins and giggle I did.  They LOVED the dress!!  But I got the shirt...and that was our adventure in Old Navy.  The End.

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